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How to Order a Background Check

So maybe you're wondering about how does a person go about getting a background check done on someone else.

You're not alone. There are a lot of individuals who order a background report on someone in their personal life.

Justice and the legal systemThis is a very common part of the employment process and most employers use them. So, most likely, during the employment process of the last one or two jobs you have applied for have included a background screening as part of the process after a successful interview. When employers run a background screening, they need to use a firm that will do these screenings in compliance to federal regulations. Here's one of those firms.

If all employers are using them, they must be pretty good. And with the complicated lives that many of us lead, having a bit more knowledge about someone might really be advantageous.

What Is It?
There are several different types of background reports you can order, but each of them strives to give you a snapshot history of the person in question and to answer some of your basic questions.

You can try to order a free service, but you will probably not end up with many details if any at all. You would be better off getting a professional service.

Most non-employee background reports cost just a few dollars. They will provide you with some basic information mostly gleaned through public records. This may include info on the person's driving history and criminal history.

More in depth searches can provide more information, which may include work history, rental history, and credit scores and credit history too.

Who Uses These Reports?
A lot of different kinds of people do.

Although it may sound a little bit creepy, a lot of singles are using background reports to make sure the new person they are dating is telling them the truth about who they are and what their history is. Firms like this one specialize in this.

Parents often order one of these reports when they are getting ready to hire a new nanny or a long-term babysitter.

Maids, especially live-in maids, are typically targeted for background screening.

And almost all landlords screen their potential tenants. Landlords fall into the category of employers when it comes to these reports. Landlords and employers must comply to federal standards and regulations with the process and way they operate a background check.

How to Start One
Almost all personal use screenings are initiated on the Web. Some people may have to fax or email a scanned authorization form, but the order process is pretty simple and straightforward. The time frame for getting the results of your check back will vary depending on how easy the information is to access and how much information you have requested.

A person will usually get their results fast. Most of these fast screenings are accomplished within hours, and almost all others are concluded within a day or two.