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How Does a Background Search Work?

It used to be a long, involved, time-intensive process to check into a person's background.

Those days are long over.

Justice and the legal systemToday, almost anyone can decide to check into someone else's public history and background and get a report on the findings within one day. Services like this one run very quickly.

Not only are these reports fast and easy to order, they are also relatively inexpensive.

Individuals can order private background reports on someone else through a handful of different web-based companies. These sites will search through a list of public and private databases looking for data that matches this individual.

These inexpensive services do their best to provide a report on criminal activities; marriage, birth and death certificates; real estate data; some work history; basic credit history; past addresses and more.

If you are an employer or a landlord and you are using the report to help you make a hiring or renting decision, there are government guidelines that you will need to adhere to. Employers and landlords should sign up with a background screening company that specializes in pre-employment background checks and rental agreement history checks in order to make sure they are compliance with all regulations.

These reports aren't always perfect. And they aren't typically complete. But they can give someone a pretty good picture on someone else's background. Here's a sample company.

People who have a common name, or people who have changed their name, sometimes leads to errors. The more details you can provide about an individual, the better the data you will get back, and with fewer errors.

These reports are easy to start, so if you feel the need to run one, you should not hesitate to do so. Good luck